Let’s Get Lunch At Lois’

Well, actually, it was quite a bit later than lunch by the time we set up at Lois’ Natural Marketplace in Scarborough, but lunch time is a busy time at Lois’ Scarborough store, as well as at the India Street store in Portland, and we were hoping we might connect with some friends while we were doing our scallop demo and tasting.

Customers at Lois’ know what they like! It seemed that every other customer who enjoyed the taste of our pan-seared scallops wanted to know, “where do I find them?” and made a beeline for the display freezer on the left side at the back of the store. One scallop enthusiast added a second packet to her basket after her daughter opined that one really wouldn’t be enough! A self-declared pescetarian was absolutely delighted to find a source of premium quality seafood available year-round to add a little variety to his menu.

Overall, a productive and enjoyable event. And our friends showed up, too.

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