Tastings at Jordan’s Farm, Cape Elizabeth

I always like to be at Jordan’s Farm. There’s always something going on, and chances are good that all the hustle and bustle of things passing through the door of the farm stand mean that I’ll be going home with something fresh and delicious.  We were there at the peak of strawberry season. Penny Jordan greeted us, and Susan helped us set up a place for the demo. One of the fastest moving thunderstorms of the summer blew through just as we were setting up, so we were all a little wet, but no dampening of enthusiasm for a taste of pan-seared scallops. Customers were delighted that they could go right to the display freezer to get the gold-foil packet that would let them share the same taste with family and friends. And we left with a couple of baskets of perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy Jordan’s Farm strawberries, some of which made it all the way home.


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